Why choose CYBER EARTH?

We listen to your ideas and problems and provide solutions that are specific to your needs. Before finalizing the product, we communicate openly with our client to understand their expectations. After carefully crafting a perfect solution for the client, our quality control team conducts thorough checks on the web product. We run deep analysis of products functionality, its architecture and make sure it has a consumer-friendly interface. This is how we ensure that you get exactly what you expect.

Quality Assurence

With years of experience in QA and testing. We have helped hundreds of customers to bring software products with top quality features. We have a five step quality testing protocol that can be used for our products and also for third party applications. With CES as your QA analyst, you can be sure of the best quality products without any bugs or system vulnerability.

Usability testing

we assure you to identify and resolve any potential errors, flaws or confusing designs, hence, making it easy for the customers to use your software.

Security testing

CES engineers are expert in their field, therefore, you don’t have to worry about system vulnerabilities or security flaws. We make sure that there are no potential system breaches at any stage

Performance testing

Before giving you a go-ahead signal, every software goes through extensive and exhaustive tests to check its limits and scale up its performance. So in the end, you will get a software that will not fail you at any stage of growth.

Compatibility testing

Our experts have also devised methods to check your software’s compatibility with different devices, browsers and databases to prevent any unpleasant surprises and to determine the effect of different servers on your system.