Why choose CYBER EARTH?

We listen to your ideas and problems and provide solutions that are specific to your needs. Before finalizing the product, we communicate openly with our client to understand their expectations. After carefully crafting a perfect solution for the client, our quality control team conducts thorough checks on the web product. We run deep analysis of products functionality, its architecture and make sure it has a consumer-friendly interface. This is how we ensure that you get exactly what you expect.

Logistics And Transportation

In this ever evolving era, transportation and logistics sectors must be compatible enough and must use high tech softwares to automate the processes and optimize the work efficiency. CES drafts and creates cutting edge softwares for you to take a leap into digital future. In this age, tedious manual methods of data processing cause more problems than they solve and are time consuming. With CES custom softwares, you can easily manage large fleets, multiple dispatchers and employees traffic within minimal amount of time.

Vendor and Contractor Management

You can use our custom built softwares to manage and coordinate with vendors and streamline the payment processes and tracking.

Fleet Management

You are always in the drivers’ seat of huge fleets and can trace their footsteps wherever and whenever you want. This helps you to identify and eradicate any potential issues before they even arise.

Employees reporting and Accountability

Advanced tracking systems help you to keep a eye on the roads and ensures safe driving practices.

Shipment Tracking

Keep tabs on all the shipments remotely and make sure they reach the required destinations on time.